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Nursery and Reception (Early Years)

Reception – about our learning:


In our class we encourage the children to progress and develop their learning through a mix of teacher led and child initiated experiences. Due to small class numbers the children get a good deal of individual attention and are nurtured to become independent and confident learners.

The classroom environment is set up to support and encourage development in each of the 17 areas of the Early Years curriculum. A selection of these are included below;


A really important building block to allow confidence and enjoyment of reading and writing. In Reception we cover phase 2 to 4 of letters and sounds, supported through a mix of Alphablocks, Jolly Phonics and letter formation techniques. Lots of singing, interactive games and hands on activities make our daily phonics session a highlight for many Reception children.


Using a story a week as a springboard, we explore story language and sequencing through continuous provision, and select highlights to act as inspiration for our teacher led writing. Children are encouraged to mark make and enjoy writing for meaning throughout all areas of continuous provision. Weekly handwriting, fine motor and core strength sessions help to enable fluency and strength to use writing tools effectively. At the end of each day a daily story session brings the Early Years unit together for a shared story, led by one of the adults, to encourage a love of reading.



Maths mastery is applied throughout the school to build a deep understanding and application of number. This starts in Reception through active carpet input sessions and cBeebies Numberblocks videos, followed by small group work to enable children to apply their number skills and develop mathematical reasoning. Again, maths is present in many areas of continuous provision, such as measuring how tall our cress has grown to weighing the animals in small world.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Communication and Language.

Children are given lots of opportunities to work with others, to build relationships and develop their language through imaginative play and social interaction. We have well equipped small world, role play and construction areas both inside and out, to encourage positive development of these prime areas, required for a good level of development, but more importantly for a happy, emotionally resilient child.


Physical Development

We take part in PE sessions twice a week, in which children are challenged to improve balance, strength and agility. In these sessions we also learn how to play team games, listen carefully to follow instructions, and develop ball skills. In our outdoor classroom we put emphasis on developing physical skills through play, where children can choose to make dens, obstacle courses and use large scale construction.




A range of additional activities take place to make your child’s time with us happy, exciting and memorable. We regularly run cooking and gardening sessions, and visit our school wildlife garden to see what changes are taking place throughout the seasons (fingers crossed for tadpoles!). We also go on school trips; such as the theatre, wildlife parks, museums and other exciting local attractions. We perform to parents and the community at assemblies, church services and school plays at various points throughout the year. The school has a set of ukuleles and other instruments so we can make wonderful music! In the summer term we learn how to dance round the maypole for our annual Rose Queen Day, a Leamington Hastings tradition, which the children enjoy very much.


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