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200 years of church schools


Coventry Cathedral

Service to celebrate 200 years of Church Schools


On Tuesday 29th November, we went with Mrs Plumbley to Coventry. We went to Coventry Cathedral to celebrate 200 years of church schools.


First we saw a statue of Lady Godiva. She rode through the streets of Coventry with no clothes on nearly 1000 years ago because her husband was making the poor people pay lots of taxes. He said he would stop if she rode through the streets naked and she did! No-one was supposed to look but one person, Peeping Tom, did. He was struck blind! We saw the clock with Lady Godiva on her horse and Peeping Tom looking out of his window.


When we got the cathedral we looked at the old building that was bombed in the war. The new cathedral is right next door and here we met Reverend Jane and Mr Markham.


Our favourite parts of the service were carrying the banner, singing songs and taking pictures at the end. We were surprised to see some old pennies set in the floor of the cathedral and we are trying to find out why they are there.

We had a really fun time and were back at school in time for a late lunch.


By Year 2